Testing….mic Testing


Dear readers,                                                                                    ,

It has certainly been a hectic week. I have changed platforms to display my blog in a more organized way. This first entry is just meant to inform my friends…..friends of friends…and their friends about the brand new blog platform chosen by me. Though, I was using blogger since last 04 years but I was not happy about the fidelity factor and their loyalty towards my data. I was disgusted  by the revelations of large scale snooping by powerful western governments. How they scan all the data circulated in online word.Though, this platform can also be sniffed by James Bond-like creatures but I am sure that Word Press people are certainly not as brazen as Google people. I can vouch that mandarins of the later organization collect each datum passed through their server in a very meticulous and organized manner.   My blogs are just meant to entertain…to make fun of someone…….to hurt someone’s feelings…though these are not the primary motives.

So, I hope to continue to provide all my stories the same rhythm as displayed  on earlier occasions.It is like turning Hero Honda into just Hero…….heartbeat is same but the body is different.This time I have decided to write something continuous …without long breaks…..may be  some sort of weekly columns.Though, I can not promise anything as even I’m not sure that my determination will last for how many hours…..days or weeks.

But, let’s see…the journey of thousand miles begins with the first step. I am utilizing this blogging opportunity to officially declare that this may termed as my first step.

So, keep glued for my new posts…….be with me in my Journey Called Life……..

Come aboard…….

3 Comments on “Testing….mic Testing

  1. first of all my best wishes alwayas with u..and .i am very impressed to read your blogs…past stories about yourself…


  2. Dear Dilip,
    I loved to read this one.Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you for your effortless effort for mirroring the@ journey called life.Kudos to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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