A Dog’s Birthday

Birthdays are special day for human beings.

But, what about dogs ? Do they deserve a celebration ?

They do , if you ask a dog lover and don’t if you ask a dog-hater. Some people always hate dogs no matter whatever the circumstances.

Should I eat cake now ?

But, dogs are a man’s/woman’s best friend. I have purposefully added woman because dog’s don’t recognize the difference between genders. They believe in feminism since time immemorial and doesn’t need a particular day to celebrate womanhood like us humans.

Dogs have been known to humans since ages and they are the first domesticated animals. But, number of pet dogs in today’s world is minuscule. Nearly, 80 % of dogs in world are stray or community dogs in developing or poor countries. Private ownership of dogs is a luxury in India except some tribal or rural families where dogs help in giving economic safety to families.

However, concept of wild dogs is still prevalent in many countries. In Botswana(a country approximately the size of France), there are nearly 7000 wild dogs who live in Jungles and hunt in packs. They fight with even leopards, snatch their food and force leopards to run away. But dogs can fight only in groups as leopards and wolves hate them and kill them at will if opportunity arises.

Dogs are mirror images of their owners. They have an inherent tendency to follow the footsteps of their masters.

Some people takes this habit of dogs seriously and they falsely believe that fellow human beings shall follow them like dogs.

Moreover, in living with humans , they have adapted well and I don’t have any hesitation in saying that some dogs possess more empathy than humans. They have not learnt to deceive. Dog’s behave like human infants during their whole life-span of 10-12 years. We become adult and leave childish traits while a dog always behaves like a child.

Few months back, I saw Sully, a service dog. He was grieving near the coffin of George Bush(Senior) and behaved in a more mature manner than some humans in United States of America.

However, times are changing. A city council in USA is trying to limit barking minutes of dogs.

20 minutes during day time and 15 minutes during night time !

If they bark for longer period , there will be penalty and punishment for owners. We are living in strange times where humans can bark without brakes and dogs can not.

Barking Dog

So, coming back to birthday.

Today morning, I had a talk with my dog.

Dog – Do you know the significance of the day

Me – Yes, it’s a Sunday.

He became edgy and barked angrily. I tried to pacify him but he was determined not to obey my commands. A dog can remember few hundred commands. But, he was adamant and annoyed with me.

Dog – I knew it. You have an uncanny habit of forgetting important days in my life.You can not be trusted. I have given my whole life of 02 years to you and you don’t even remember my birthday. Nowadays, people are celebrating monthly/quarterly/half-yearly birthday of children and you have forgotten my yearly birthday ? I have brought happiness in your life. I have returned your balls a million times even when I know that you will again throw it and give me the task of bringing it back. I have never questioned your wisdom of throwing balls and you are treating me like a dog. Behave like a human and celebrate my birthday because I don’t have anyone except you.

Me – Okay, Thank you for lecturing me. It is election season and every dog has a right to give lectures.

So, I decided to celebrate his birthday. I switched off my phone as dogs don’t believe in talking on phones and it is big distraction for dogs. They want your undivided attention.

We hiked to a nearby mountain and I ran with him for few kilometres. Thereafter, we went for a swim in nearby river and gave him fresh water to drink. I made a mutton dish and pupcake and he ate peacefully and thanked me.

Dogs are easy to please and he wagged his tail profusely and slept in the lawn like only a dog can. It was truly a dog’s day out in the sun.

A poor dog

It was fun , seeing the world through the eyes of a dog. Life of a dog is uncomplicated as they don’t have to think about anything beyond their visual range. They believe in present and don’t worry about future.

If we learn to live life like a dog , happiness will never leave our side.

21 Comments on “A Dog’s Birthday

  1. I agree. Dogs can teach us many valuable lessons like how to live life in the now. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Lovely post.

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  2. First of all Belated happy birthday to your lovely doggy..
    Your creative and visionary story is marvelous and heart touching.
    Few things i learned through this story and some thing very intresting. as like
    1. Dogs always behaves like a child
    2. Dogs barking time is fixed in USA
    3. It was not only fun it is hundred percent true that happiness will never leave your side if you seeing the world through the eyes of a dog.
    Finally ultimate….good job mr. Kumar

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  3. Wonderful article and especially love the first photo of the dog eyeing the cake!

    Sadly, I travel too much so it would be unfair to own a dog just to dump it in a kennel, family, or friends. I’m sure I’ll own a dog when I stop travelling…one day. 😉

    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog.

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  4. Thank you for encouraging words. Yes, keeping a pet is a full time job in itself as they demand your undivided attention. But, it is also a fact they teach empathy to us.
    Thank you once again.

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  5. superb! An interesting post of its own kind! I loved it!
    Thank you for sharing!
    And thank you for following my blog! I hope you will like my posts if your read them!

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  7. We can learn so much from dogs, and in fact all of our four-legged furry friends. I’d rather hear a dog bark all day than a human mouthing off. Superb post and thank you for following BrewNSpew.

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  8. Limiting the barking limits of dogs is such a weird thing and an attack on the liberty of these dogs!
    Anyway, the way you give your dog the undivided attention shows so much of compassion on your part.

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  9. I have 3 furry buddies and birthdays of all are celebrated. In fact we also remember our furry buddy who crossed over the rainbow bridge 10 years ago. We light a lamp in the mandir on that day.


  10. Vikram, nice post. I love dogs. Dogs are the most honest animal in animals. Dogs can teach us many things. Thnks for follow and like.


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