Independence Day through the lens of Social Media

Today, India is celebrating  72nd Independence Day by hoisting our tri-coloured national flag in all corners of the country. Hoisting and unfurling Tiranga is a happy sight to behold.


How does Indians celebrate it

There are normally 02 ways of celebrating it.

First one is official hoisting ceremony which is held on the pattern of Red Fort ceremony. At the Red Fort, the Prime Minister of the day hoists and unfurls Tiranga which is given weaponised salute by joint command of 03 Defence Forces of India & Police of our capital city. It is followed by speech of the PM and other related ceremonies.

This ceremony at 0730 hrs. in early morning of 15th August is attended by high and mighty of our country and sets the tone for similar ceremonies in all capital cities of India. This ceremony travels to the Panchayat and village level officials even in the remotest part of the country. It includes all offices of Central or State government and all educational institutes and every other government and private organizations in the country. Defence and Police forces follow this day as per protocol in their own campuses based upon availability of resources.

Over a period of time, cultural programmes depicting nationalist themes and prize ceremonies highlighting the contribution of individual in nation-making or high achievers of organizational goals have become an established norm.


Sweets have a special place in these ceremonies, especially for kids and persons,young at heart. Hot jalebis and colourful ladoos are part and parcel of such ceremonies.

The 2nd way of celebrating the day begins at home. Citizens of our country, having the resources, hoist and unfurl flags at lawns or courtyards of their home. All family members get together and do it in a private ceremony. Mostly, it is done by eminent citizens. In the same way, youths and persons,young at heart, pool their resources in the community and celebrate Independence Day at a public  or private place. Such ceremonies also includes senior citizens and respectable persons of the community.

3rd way of celebrating Independence Day

It is actually through a lens. But, this lens was not available to our forefathers. Actually, our great men/women belonging to an earlier era were not privileged to have it.

It is through the lens of social media-savvy common citizens many of whom have no idea about the solemness of the occasion. This independence day is celebrated on virtual screens. There are 02 ways of celebrating it on social media. You get a good photographer or give your camera phone to a friend and capture the flag and yourself in the same frame and post it on Facebook , Twitter or any other website with a catchy slogan. I agree with this spirit. It is indeed a noble gesture. DSC06581

However, there is another way of doing it. I have some strong reservations about it. Some kids or persons, young at heart, try to stretch their arms and twist their faces to impossible angles to take a selfie with flag.

Now, tell me, is there a normal way to take selfie with Tiranga flying on a high flagpost ? But, seeing is believing and I agree with spirit of boys.

Continuing on the social media celebration of Independence day, I must acknowledge the contribution of Whatsapp freedom fighters. They keep forwarding colourful I-Day messages to each and everyone in their contacts list. I agree, this phenomenon is not exclusive to I-day and people do the same thing on every festive occasion, but does it make any sense ?

If you wish to greet happy Independence Day to anyone then go to their home as I-Day is a declared holiday in all parts of India. Talk to them in patriotic tones and on some national issues. Eat sweets at their home and spread the joy of Independence all around.

Same things, I wish for our news anchors or should I say neo- freedom fighters. Do not just wear ethnic Indian wear on I-Day only. Talk about some sensible topics in a civilized way. Let everyone peeping from your screen talk freely. You have called guests (by inviting them) to your show, let them enjoy some freedom on this Independence Day.

Freedom means the ability to have individual choices. All souls must be given freedom to let them be in their pristine state. Freedom means no boundaries, no conditions, no if’s and but’s. But, if wishes were horses……

We need to value our freedom more. I shall quote my brother today that social media has made us unsocial. Is it so ? We need to think deeply. In the end, everything boils down to common sense. But then I remember the prophetic words of a thinker of bygone era.

I wish to quote Voltaire today –

   “Common sense is not so common”

That’s it for today. Cherish your freedom till it last as the world is bound to come to an end some day in distant future. This journey of earth will end some day. No one knows, when ?

If you like it. Share your views on this page. If it provokes you to say something, do not hold back. Remember, you have the freedom to say it.





















6 Comments on “Independence Day through the lens of Social Media

  1. I agree with most part of the article but the article has an anomaly at the end. And that’s why I can’t agree fully with the views expressed in the article. If Freedom is the most important virtue of the Independence Day then let people celebrate the way they want and they could. Not everyone is privileged enough to attend the ceremonial functions. Also I agree that most people are lazy enough not to attend these functions but that’s the beauty of Freedom. Let people enjoy the day in a way they want to. Why put certain parameters for celebrating once own National Independence Day. Will that be real Freedom???

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  2. Well said dost….I second your thoughts…Freedom is something more than described by me….it can’t be captured in one write-up…needs a book


  3. Dear writer,
    nice blog on the varied ways of celebrating Independence day.we all can wish that different gestures of celebrating this day of brimming patriotism ,may culminate into a true natinalism towards the dreams enshrined in our constitution.

    Liked by 1 person

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